Digital Hoorah!


pricepoints 2.0 is an unabashed, irreverent and sometimes cynical discussion of digital marketing through the lens of a corporate nomad. If there is such a thing as an enlightened marketer, that would be the goal, so to borrow the military warrior cry “Hoorah”.

Which leads me to  my first post,”words or copy” and exactly what does that word mean? Hoorah? (and why did  it seem most appropriate to use it in that context ……) Thanks to Rod Powers, with the following excerpt:

So, where did the term originate? The simple answer is that nobody knows, although there are dozens of theories. Heck, nobody can even agree on the correct spelling of this widely used military “word.”

No matter how one might spell the word — with or without a hyphen, a U instead of two Os, and so on — the word is still an expression of high morale, strength and confidence. And, when powered by an overwhelmingly proud, and usually loud, tone of voice, hooah seems to stomp out any possibility of being bound by the written word.

“It’s an affirmation that I fully agree with and support the idea or intent expressed by the person to whom I make that response,” said Maj. Gen. F.A. Gorden, Military District of Washington commander. “It applies not only to the letter of what was said, but to the spirit of what was said.”

Former Army Chief of Staff Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan has his interpretation. “I don’t know how exactly to spell it, but I know what it means,” Sullivan said. “It means we have broken the mold.

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