Overlooking the basics…

Spending my formative years at P&G, honing my skills at writing succinct one page memos in order to elude the effervescent red marker from my boss, there is one axiom that I will always remember… ” a great idea executed poorly is worse than a good idea executed flawlessly”.

Of course in this instant gratification, always on world both seem to be the minimal acceptable performance measure. I will connect the dots in a minute…

In any case, so I  receive my daily dose of Media Post’s “content” to find something of interest. In appears that a smart marketer has found a way to leverage Facebook with a new app… lifted is an excerpt from the article.

A Mosaic Of Praise For Radio Shack’s MyMosaic

If RadioShack isn’t the first store that comes to mind when you’re thinking digital cameras and camcorders, that’s part of the app’s point. As critic Shannon Nelson, publicist and chief blogger at Pierre Mattie Public Relations put it: “This program, being as impressive as it was, will create a greater awareness of what Radio Shack has to offer. Not to mention the possible association of digital photography, photo sharing, simplicity and efficiency with the brand.”

Created by Aegis Group’s Carat with Moma Labs, here’s the app’s modus operandi: it recreates users’ Facebook photos using the mosaic of their Facebook friends’ photos. Click on your mosaic-ed eyeball for example, and you might discover, as I did, that it’s partly composed of Adweek‘s Brian Morrissey with a dash of AKQA’s Tom Bedecarre. Of course, the pictures, and the app, are shareable. Branding consists of the brand name and tagline at the top of the app, along with pictures of two cameras — clicking on them jumps users to the cameras and camcorders section of radioshack.com.


Now, to connect the dots… how do I find it? why not share a link?

Ok, so I click over to Facebook and my applications list… no results from a search, exasperated now…

Ok, how about clicking on the new or recent applications… nope, nuttin honey, nada… Jeez do they want to use it or not!!

So after trying this a few more times I do  Google search and find the press release with an obscure link to the Facebook “Add Application” Page….

Can we make it a little harder to find next time?

So, a great idea isn’t a great idea until it’s being applied and the value realized…(did a tree just fall in the forest?)

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