Great Name for a Corporate Softball Team: FUDITES

FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. It is a marketing technique used when a competitor launches a product that is both better than yours and costs less, i.e. your product is no longer competitive.

Unable to respond with hard facts, scare-mongering is used via ‘gossip channels’ to cast a shadow of doubt over the competitors’ offerings and make people think twice before using it. In general it is used by companies with a large market share, and the overall message is ‘Hey, it could be risky going down that road, stick with us and you are with the in crowd.

Unfortunately, it is also the state of many traditional agencies without the leadership, strategic vision and competitive road map to be successful today in the digital arena. Similar to the classic Abbott & Costello routine “Who’s on First”

Still amazes me that in the face of unyielding facts that old school conventional, albeit broken, wisdom, fear, failure to act and not invented here still rule the day.

As Rodney King would say, “can’t we all just get along?”, of course that got him beaten to a pulp or was it the fact he was speeding under the influence. Never mind.

Just seems to me that it would be less painful to engage experts, lock the ego in the truck for a few hours and get real in order to accept and drink the harsh medicine of reality that true change and transformation requires.

Coca-Cola’s president and chief executive officer,  Neville Isdell did just that when he was coaxed out of retirement in 2004 to help turn around a company badly in need of financial and strategic redirection. He spent time in the field talking “candidly” to bottlers, field reps, retailers and importantly consumers…

Coke Zero was the result. One of the most successful new brand launches of these modern times.

So forget about luddites, just go straight to FUDITES. Don’t pass go, do not receive your $200 from new business and perhaps you will end up in unemployment jail.

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