Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: Sept 16, 2008

Absolutely love the thinking and strategic insight of the Forrester Analysts. This week I am highlighting Jeremiah Owyang who focuses on the Social Media phenomena. Oh, I hear that Al Bundy is the new Seinfeld replacement?

digest3I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an Industry Analyst –a good way to get in my head.

Features: Gigya launches “Socialize”–like Friend Connect
This allows social graph data to move between different containers and websites, learn more about Gigya’s socialize here.

Deplolyment: WSJ launches social network features
Amid criticism for making the community behind closed doors, commenters suggest the new site design to be ‘emo’ and brooding. As more media companies embrace social media content, does this indicate mainstream adoption?

Employment: Is your online profile professional looking?
Dangers of Social Networking, make sure your online profile and reputation is cleaned for your current and future employer. (link via Mike Street)

Advertising: LinkedIn launches Ad Network
In yet another way to monetize, this profitable social network (an oxymoron?) is now deploying it’s own advertising network. I’ve seen these slides before, and was surprised to see Techcrunch published them.

Deal: MySpace music extends labels reach
In theory this sounds like a great match between popular media centric social network MySpace and media labels. With the ability to stream content and share with each other, is this enough to deter users from stripping content and sharing on p2p networks?

Deployment: MTV launches online community
This real time community supports shows, provides additional content, and allows another outlet for users to watch –and engage with each other around media shows.

Showcase: Brand new social networks emerge
A handful of vertical social networks were featured at the recent Techcrunch 50 event.

Acquisition: The Social Gaming Network swallows Fluff Friends
A virtual pet game and community, “Fluff Friends” has been acquired by the Social Gaming Network (SGN) I visited them a few months ago in their small but growing Palo Alto office

Features: MySpace embraces user uploaded video
MySpaceTV announces direct video upload, allowing users to upload video directly from their hard drive or even from webcams. Why? This increases user interaction and media engagement. Could be a win considering the heavy self-expression found in the site.

Partnership: Bebo and ESPN
Bebo’s open media platform allows ESPN’s short form content to be available in their media savvy social network. Programming includes clips from highlights, and sportcenter content.

Deployment: Vehix utilizes Pluck
The Vehix site now integrates Pluck’s “Energizing” features to allow the site to grow social wings –letting members share, comment, and interact with each other.

Investment: IBM grows Cambridge facility, focuses on Social Networks
Expect to see more investments in Lotus, as IBM starts to assemble more social networking software features for their enterprise products. Competitors will likely follow suit, and put more blips on the future roadmaps for enterprise social networking features. (Updated)

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