Value 2.0

What is Value 2.0?

Value 2.0 is Leveraging Social Media To Activate Results

  • More measurable & accountable than traditional media
  • Granular targeting. Reducing waste, improving effectiveness.
  • Empowered consumers demand interactivity and engagement
  • Online media because  increasingly it’s where your customer spends most of their time
  • Allows marketers to reach prospects throughout the entire consumer buying cycle

2 thoughts on “Value 2.0

  1. Randy, what do you mean by granular targeting?

    We still need to connect. My job was eliminated in October and I can’t find anything!!! Yikes.

    I went back to school and I am getting my MBA. Perhaps I could teach?

    What are you doing, are you working?

    Have you done any more work on your real estate idea? Have you spoken to John Arrow about it?

    It would be nice to catch up, are you ever in LA. Perhaps Gary, you and I can have dinner?

    Granular targeting, I assume it means pin point, focused?


  2. Not plagiarized at all. Since it’s not a protected copyright or service mark but a concept that we are defining and using in entirely two different ways.

    Value 2.0, from an IBM perspective and use of the term is about innovation and the creating of value from the use of emerging technologies. I using the 2.0 extension, as many are, to define the next generation. In this case, the next generation of value as it pertains to the improved efficiency and use of marketing resources by employing social media marketing.

    Not borrowing their idea or claiming its mine in anyway shape or form. Thanks for your comment!


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