In the UK, Volvo crowdso…


Volvo crowdsources content via interactive outdoor ads

Wed, 5 Sep 2012 | By Rosie Baker

Volvo is launching an interactive digital outdoor campaign that invites consumers to design a personalised version of its V40 car.


Consumers can choose from a range of colours, alloys, interior using a digital outdoor screen. They will then be shown an interpretation of their personality based on the design choices they made.

Content created by users will then be featured on digital outdoor screens at train stations around the UK.

The outdoor campaign, created by EHS4D and Grand Visual, uses interactive digital outdoor screens placed at sites such as bus stops where there is a long dwell time.

Drivers are also offered the opportunity to win a test drive in return for their email information.

Kylee Rush head of brand engagement at Volvo Car UK, says: “Volvo’s Scandinavian origins provide a unique opportunity to explore the simplicity in design and to create vehicles that are designed around people – and this campaign is a brilliantly engaging example of how we’re bringing that to life.

“It allows people to easily interact with the All-New Volvo V40, and personalise the car to their own taste. It clearly communicates the capacity for consumers to individualise and hone their Volvo V40 to make it their own.”

The campaign is in line with Volvo’s “Designed around You” global marketing strategy that aims to build on the brand Scandinavian heritage by designing vehicles around people and personalities.


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