Pharma Digital IQ Study

The pharmaceutical industry is disconnected regarding digital marketing to physicians. The industry spends an estimated $27 billion marketing to doctors and other healthcare professionals
(HCPs).1 However, while physician time spent on the internet for clinical practice has quadrupled since 2002, less than one percent of HCP marketing spend is allocated to digital channels.2
The explosion in clinical use of smartphones and other portable devices has led to even greater imbalance. Even as doctors increasingly turn to digital, the majority of pharma dollars continue to flow to the industry’s increasingly constrained and extraordinarily expensive sales forces.

Digital IQ = Shareholder Value
Our thesis is that digital competence is inextricably linked to
shareholder value in the pharmaceutical industry. Key to managing
and developing a competence is an actionable metric.
This study attempts to quantify the digital competence of 70
U.S. pharmaceutical brands across ten disease states and their
efforts in using digital platfoms to reach HCPs. Our aim is to
provide a robust tool to diagnose digital strengths and weaknesses
and help brands achieve greater return on incremental
Like the medium we are assessing, our methodology is dynamic,
and we hope you will reach out to us with comments that improve
our approach, investigation, and findings.

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