The Mobile Strategy Is the Strategy

The Mobile Strategy Is the Strategy

by Chuck Martin , mCommerce Daily email newsletter.

Some interesting insights that pertain to mobile commerce came out of today’s Mobile Insider Summit.

In the opening keynote, JWT Executive Creative Director Eric Weisberg said: “If you don’t have a mobile strategy in 2013, you don’t have a strategy at all.”

Though he was referring to mobile in general, this view and others can easily be applied specifically to commerce.

For example, if a retailer or brand does not have a path on how to interact with mobile shoppers in the future, they have a great chance to fall behind or totally fail.

Weisberg’s general advice to marketers was to build on what people are doing rather than interrupt what they’re doing.

This could easily apply to in-aisle shoppers. Rather than sending ‘interrupting’ ad messages, markets could send more thoughtful and useful service-oriented messages.

The hypothetical example Intel has used in the past is that when a shopper is in a store trying to decide which computer chip is best, to send a signal to illuminate each computer with a certain chip.

An example at the summit was in grocery shopping, to highlight specific products in-aisle that pertain to someone with specific dietary requirements. Rather than an irrelevant ad message at the moment, the mobile shopper could be sent advice helping them do what they are in the process of doing, in this case shopping and searching for specific foods.

At one of the roundtable sessions entitled “What Does a Mobile Strategy Look Like” yesterday, there also was more a less a consensus that a mobile strategy should be more accurately viewed as a strategy, inferring that mobile is core to any overall business strategy.

The very thoughtful participants at the summit who are grappling with the complex and nitty-gritty strategies and tactics for moving mobile forward totally get this.

But when they leave after the end of the three-day summit tomorrow, some will return to face the realities of under-resourced mobile efforts.

However, it could be worse. They could be in one of those companies that does not have a strategy at all.

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