ClickZ Intelligence Report: State of Digital 2016

26 May 16
State of Digital pic

The latest ClickZ Intelligence report dives into The State of Digital in 2016. This report distills some of the key takeaways from our 17th annual ClickZ Live New York event that took place in April, attended by over 1,000 digital marketers.  In addition to the summarized findings of the event, a survey of attendees was taken which provides further context into the trends and challenges marketers are dealing with today.

As well as the survey findings Click Z summarized details from the four tracks of the event. They are:State-of-Digital-ClickZ-Live-New-York-Report

  • Search and Acquire (National Geographic, PCH,, Invoca, Search Optics)
  • Engage and Convert (T Brand Studio, Fatherly, LinkedIn. Lululemon)
  • Retain and Grow (American Apparel, Stubhub, Hilton, Retale)
  • Digital Transformation (Hasbro,, The Knowledge Engineers)