Using Video To Drive Online Financial Services Sales

Interesting new research & POV from Forrester. Pricepoints Consulting is current engaged with a bank that is primarily B2B focused. It has carved out a niche for itself and looking to retire some traditional media for more effective efforts. In my mind financial services key success factors are rates, service and personal relationship. And for most, in that order. We are definitely investigating was to use video and social in professional, relevant  and engaging ways to extend brand awareness (telling stories). What do you think? August 11, 2011

How Financial Services eBusiness Executives Can Use Online Video

by Benjamin Ensor, Sabine Poltermann with Martin Gill, Nick Thomas, Amelia Martland, Myram Da Costa

Executive Summary

More people than ever before watch online video. In response, an increasing number of financial services eBusiness teams are using online video to drive sales. Nevertheless, based on our study of more than 90 leading financial services websites, eBusiness executives at financial institutions have work to do to use the full potential of video to drive online sales. eBusiness teams in other sectors like clothing and consumer electronics already use online video to convert lookers into buyers, and financial services eBusiness executives can learn from those examples, drive sales, and build a new generation of digital financial services by developing more product-related videos, integrating those videos into product pages, and focusing on fixing user experience flaws.